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Table 4 Examples of shrimp genes known to contain a very long stretch of microsatellites

From: Fosmid library end sequencing reveals a rarely known genome structure of marine shrimp Penaeus monodon

Gene [species] Gene function Sequence Position Role of microsatellites Reference
PmAV [P. monodon] Anti-virus (GT) 46 [(AT)(GT)2]7....20 bp.....(AT)2(GT)2(AT)3(GT)3(AT)3(GT) 50 5'-promoter Negative regulatory element [15]
Prophenoloxidase-a [P. vannamei] Innate immunity (CT) 20 3'UTR n.d. [32]
Prophenoloxidase-b [P. vannamei] Innate immunity (CT) 38 ...12 bp...(CA) 14 3'UTR n.d. [33]
Heat shock cognate 70 [P. monodon] Molecular chaperon;
immune and stress-related responses
(TA) 33 ...73 bp...(CA)9(TG)2(TA) 17 5'-promoter n.d. [66]
5-HT1 receptor [P. monodon] Serotonin receptor; G-protein coupled (GGC) 10 Coding region poly(G) tract [67]
  1. n.d.: not determined