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Table 1 New BAC libraries available from cultivar Morex.

From: BAC library resources for map-based cloning and physical map construction in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

BAC-library1,2 No. of clones Average insert size (Kb) Genome coverage Cloning strategy Vector E. coli strain
HVVMRXALLhB3 115,200 93 2.4 Hin dIII, partial pIndigo BAC5 DH10B
HVVMRXALLhC3 153,600 114 3.4 Hin dIII, partial pIndigo BAC5 DH10B
HVVMRXALLeA4 147,456 126 3.7 Eco RI, partial pIndigo BAC536 DH10B
HVVMRXALLmA5 202,752 143 6 Mbo I, partial pTAR BAC1.3 DH10B
HVVMRXALLrA6 253,440 92 4.7 Mech. Sheared pSMRT BAC DH10B
  1. 1Naming follows an agreed nomenclature for Triticeae BAC libraries: three letters species code (H ordeum v ulgare ss. v ulgare), three letters cultivar code (M or ex), three letters genome representation (i.e. ALL = whole genome, 1HS = short arm chromosome 1H), one letter enzyme (i.e. h = Hind III, e = EcoR I, m = Mbo I, r = Random/Mechanically sheared), one letter library identifier in case of multiple libraries per enzyme; 2all libraries are accessible via; libraries were produced at: 3Australian Centre of Plant Functional Genomics, 4Clemson University Genomics Institute, 5Childrens Hospital Oakland, 6Lucigen corporation.