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Table 2 Detected candidate mutants and their predicted effect on the genes (green: silent, yellow: synonymous, red: stop).

From: Identification of factors required for meristem function in Arabidopsis using a novel next generation sequencing fast forward genetics approach

mutant Chr Position (TAIR8) ref allele Detected allele gene Predicted effect
  chr1 21,160,008 C T AT1G56490 pseudogene
picup-1 chr1 21,401,749 G A AT1G57770 S558S
  chr1 21,768,825 G A AT1G58602 3'UTR
  chr1 22,003,621 T C   
  chr5 22,113,982 T A   
  chr5 22,252,705 C T AT5G54730 A345T
twr-1 chr5 22,385,804 C T   
  chr5 22,534,542 C T AT5G55580 Q467X
  chr5 22,779,060 C T AT5G56240 M405I
  chr5 22,968,138 C T