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Table 1 Genes under diversifying selection identified by both models

From: Genes in the terminal regions of orthopoxvirus genomes experience adaptive molecular evolution

ORF Number Gene Family Name Category VACV-Cop ORF Specific Function Virion
021 EGF_Growth factor Host Response Modifier C11R EGF homolog with mitogenic activity No
024 IL_18_BP (Bsh_D7L) Host Response Modifier n/a Inhibition of IL-18 activity No
035 Kelch_like_ (Cop_C2L) Host Response Modifier C2L Unknown No
036 Unknown (Cop_C1L) Unknown C1L Unknown No
046 Unknown (Cop_K7R) Entry/Exit K7R inhibitor of pattern recognition receptor signalling pathway No
048 Apoptosis inhibitor (mitochondrial associated) Host Response Modifier F1L localizes to mitochondria and inhibits apoptosis No
054 Unknown (Cop_F6L) Unknown F6L Unknown No
055 Unknown (Cop_F7L) Unknown F7L Unknown No
056 Cytoplasmic protein (Cop_F8L) Unknown F8L Cytoplasmic localization, unknown function No
063 Unknown (Cop_F14L) Unknown F14L Unknown No
129 Carbonic anhydrase Virion Entry/Exit D8L Binds Chondroitin Sulfate on cell surface Yes
140 Core_protein (Cop_A4L) Structure/Assembly A4L associated with virion core and membranes Yes
145 Membrane protein (Cop_A9L) Structure/Assembly A9L located on virion membrane, essential for morphogenesis Yes
162 RNA pol 132 (RPO132) RNA metabolism A24R Component of RNA polymerase Yes
171 Unknown (YMTV_120.5L) Unknown A30.5L Unknown No
172 Unknown (Cop_A31R) Host Response Modifier A31R Unknown Yes
182 Semaphorin Host Response Modifier A39R Induces IL-6 and IL-8 secretion from monocytes No
191 Unknown (Cop_A47L) Unknown A47L Unknown No
192 Thymidylate kinase DNA metabolism A48R Thymidylate kinase activity No
200 Hemagglutinin Host Response Modifier A56R prevents cell-cell fusion, present on EEV and cell surface Yes
203 Schlafen (Cop_B2R) Host Response Modifier B2R Virulence factor in CMLV No
204 Ankyrin (Cop_B4R) Unknown B4R Unknown No
212 Ser_Thr_Kinase (Cop_B12R) Unknown B12R Unknown No
215 IL_1_beta receptor Host Response Modifier B15R Inhibits IL-1 beta activity No
216 Unknown (Cop_B17L) Unknown B17R Unknown No