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Table 1 Twenty five most up-regulated genes in the DS versus WW comparison

From: Microarray analysis and scale-free gene networks identify candidate regulators in drought-stressed roots of loblolly pine (P. taeda L.)

Gene ID Fold ↑ Accession Annotation E-Value 12.1 XP_002275386.1 class IV chitinase 9.0E-60 11.8 AAT45001.1 metallothionein 2.0E-13 9.3 AAU87300.1 LEA 3.0E-18 9.2 ACA51879.1 dehydrin 2 3.0E-34 9.1 AAM28916.1 NBS/LRR 1.0E-42 8.5 AAU87300.1 LEA 1.0E-26 8.4   No Hit 8.2 ABZ01360.1 cytochrome p450 2.0E-41 8   No Hit 7.8 ACA51879.1 dehydrin 2 4.0E-49 7.7 AAL24147.1 cardiolipin synthase/phosphatidyltransferase 2.0E-08 6.8 Q50EK4.1 cytochrome P450 750A1 1.0E-111 6.8 AAU87300.1 LEA 4.0E-27 6.7 CAC84486.1 nodulin like-protein 1.0E-44 6.4   No Hit 6.4   No Hit 6.3 Q50EK4.1 cytochrome P450 750A1 1.0E-114 6.2 AAK25836.1 malate synthase 1.0E-102 6.1   No Hit 6 ACG35207.1 dihydroflavonol-4-reductase 3.0E-31 6 Q50EK4.1 cytochrome P450 750A1 4.0E-69 6   No Hit 5.9 AAX68990.1 LEA 6.0E-45 5.9 ABO61348.1 defensin 2.0E-35 5.9 AAG50560.1 inositol transporter 2 2.0E-60
  1. Gene ID = unique probe address (metarow, metacolumn, row, column). Fold increases determined from normalized log2 mean ratios are shown for each gene along with associated BlastX accession, annotation, and E-value.