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Table 2 Network Topology Statistics

From: Microarray analysis and scale-free gene networks identify candidate regulators in drought-stressed roots of loblolly pine (P. taeda L.)

Network Property Valuesa
Nodes 1477
Edges 49997
Scale-free topologyb 0.829
Mean shortest path lengthc 3.1
Network diameterd 10
Mean connectivitye 17.3
Centralizationf 0.648
Heterogeneityf 1.91
Clustering coefficientg 0.811
  1. aGlobal gene networks were generated via Weighted Gene Correlation Network Analysis (WGCNA) [37] and network properties were calculated using the Network Analyzer plugin [51] that was developed for Cytoscape [50].
  2. b Identifies networks that have a topology similar to other biological networks and ranges from 0 - 1 [37].
  3. cAverage shortest path length between two nodes.
  4. dMaximum distance amongst all distances calculated between two nodes.
  5. eAverage number of connections made by each node.
  6. fNetwork topology that resembles a star has a centralization of 1 and decentralized networks have a centralization of 0. Heterogeneity reflects the tendency of a network to contain hub nodes [119].
  7. gThe average clustering coefficient can be used to measure whether the network exhibits modular organization [120].