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Figure 1

From: The CRE1 carbon catabolite repressor of the fungus Trichoderma reesei: a master regulator of carbon assimilation

Figure 1

Experimental design used to study the role of CRE1 and growth rate on gene expression in T. reesei. Two strains were compared, i.e. T. reesei QM 9414 (as the reference strain) and a Δcre1 strain derived from it. In addition, two growth rates (which have previously been shown to lead to CCR repression and derepression, respectively) were compared: D = 0.07 h-1 , and D = 0.025 h-1 . Two dye switch hybridizations were performed. The position of the arrow points to the experimental condition that was used as "result" (i.e. in condition 1, the changes in expression levels at the low growth rate when compared with those at the high growth rate are given). The numbers over the arrows refer to the experiment numbers used further in text, figures and tables.

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