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Table 2 Heat response of tRNA-derived csRNAs

From: A novel class of heat-responsive small RNAs derived from the chloroplast genome of Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa)

Group tRNA Heat response Percentage (%) a
    MT HT
I Ala,Asp,Phe,Lys,Leu,Gln,Thr,Val Shorter csRNAs increased, and longer csRNAs decreased b 81 73
II Cys,Glu,Ile,Met,Asn,Pro,Ser,Trp Shorter csRNAs increased, and longer csRNAs unchanged 12 20
III His,Arg Longer csRNAs decreased, and shorter csRNAs unchanged 5 5
IV Gly 18 nt csRNAs decreased, and the others unchanged 2 2
  1. a: Percentage for each group in total abundance of tRNA-derived csRNAs.
  2. b: The shorter csRNAs ranged from 15 to 25 nt in length, and the longer csRNAs were from 29 to 32 nt.