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Table 1 Genotype, LT50 and FLN of near isogenic lines used in these studies

From: Genome-wide gene expression analysis supports a developmental model of low temperature tolerance gene regulation in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Line Genotype LT50 FLN
winter Norstar vrn-A1, vrn-B1, vrn-D1 -23a 13a
spring Manitou Vrn-A1, vrn-B1, vrn-D1 -8.3c 8c
winter Manitou vrn-A1, vrn-B1, vrn-D1 -13.3b 10b
spring Norstar Vrn-A1, vrn-B1, vrn-D1 -13b 11b
  1. FLN (final leaf number) indicates the onset of the transition of the apical meristem from vegetative to reproductive stage; LT50 indicates the lowest temperature by which 50% of the treated samples survived after vernalization; a to c - within columns, means followed by the same letter are not different as determined by Duncan's new multiple range test (P < 0.05).