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Table 2 Differentially expressed genes

From: Genome-wide gene expression analysis supports a developmental model of low temperature tolerance gene regulation in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Parameter p< 0.01 p< 0.001
Time (T) 26,646 24,670
Genotype (G) 17,472 14,617
GxT interaction (GT) 5,513 3,453
T and G 16,050 12,901
T, G and GT 4,599 2,771
  1. Differentially expressed genes were identified using gene-specific ANOVA with the following model: Yijkr = μi + Gij + Tik + (GxT)ijk + εijkr where Y, the response variable, represents the log-2 transformed normalized probeset intensity and μ, represents the grand mean level of expression for each gene. G, T and GxT represents Genotype effect, Time (duration of cold treatment) effect and interaction effect between Genotype and Time, respectively, and ε represents the stochastic error which is assumed to be normally distributed. The indexes i, j, k and r indicate the probeset (gene), genotype, time and biological replications, respectively.