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Table 2 Solanum melongena lines genotyped with SNP markers (shape and skin colour are indicated)

From: Identification of SNP and SSR markers in eggplant using RAD tag sequencing

Genotype Fruit type
305E40 Long dark purple
DR2 Long dark purple
TAL1/1 Long dark purple
MSP 55-08 Long dark purple
L422-08 Long dark purple
L717-289 Long dark purple
Dadali Long light purple
Dourga Long white
TB E80 Oval dark purple
Fant E13 Oval dark purple
Fant E27 Oval dark purple
Fant E63 Oval dark purple
Uga Oval dark purple
Bin 6 Oval green
S 600-1 Oval purple
Floralba Oval white
16-09 1 Round dark purple
67/3 Round violet
Qiyeqie Round violet
Mel sais (violetta) Round violet
Violetta di Siracusa Round violet
Violetta di Toscana Round violet
Bianca Sicilia Round white