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Figure 2

From: Identification of CRISPR and riboswitch related RNAs among novel noncoding RNAs of the euryarchaeon Pyrococcus abyssi

Figure 2

Four ncRNAs from unique intergenic region conserved among thermococcal genomes. (A) Transcripts detected by Northern blot from regions with a unique locus in the P. abyssi genome. Source of RNAs, markers and sR26 loading control are as indicated in Figure 1B (B) Gene maps drawn to scale. Transcripts and predicted genes are symbolized by red and grey arrows, respectively. Consensus promoters and TATA-box sequences (as defined in Materials and Methods) are indicated in black and grey, respectively. The 5' start of each novel RNA was experimentally determined (Figure S2). (C) Secondary structure models with conserved nucleotides indicated by A, C, G and U, variable nucleotides conserving pairing by circled dots and variable nucleotides by dots. A putative pseudoknot in sRk28 is denoted by a dotted line. The underlined sequence in sRk33 indicates the putative promoter of PAB0465.

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