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Table 2 Assignment of p-values for expressed miRNAs in all cell types (monocytes and various DC subsets) and DC subsets alone after ANOVA

From: MicroRNA genes preferentially expressed in dendritic cells contain sites for conserved transcription factor binding motifs in their promoters

  Posterior p-values*  
miRNA gene All cell types DC subsets
hsa-let-7e 1.9E-05 4.2E-01
hsa-miR-15b 1.2E-04 6.8E-01
hsa-miR-16 2.1E-02 7.8E-01
hsa-miR-27a 3.0E-01 2.5E-01
hsa-miR-27b 8.2E-01 8.2E-01
hsa-miR-34a 3.0E-05 9.6E-01
hsa-miR-99a 2.2E-06 7.2E-01
hsa-miR-100 3.7E-06 7.3E-01
hsa-miR-125a 1.3E-04 8.6E-01
hsa-miR-125b 1.6E-05 7.2E-01
hsa-miR-126 6.1E-01 7.7E-01
hsa-miR-130a 1.6E-03 4.4E-01
**hsa-miR-132 4.0E-02 9.8E-01
hsa-miR-135a 7.1E-10 9.1E-02
hsa-miR-137 3.2E-07 2.1E-01
hsa-miR-140 8.2E-01 7.1E-01
hsa-miR-146a 9.6E-05 1.3E-02
***hsa-miR-150 9.9E-02 7.1E-01
hsa-miR-155 4.7E-06 2.5E-02
hsa-miR-186 7.2E-01 6.9E-01
hsa-miR-199b 5.2E-05 7.1E-01
hsa-miR-199s 8.4E-03 4.4E-01
hsa-miR-210 1.3E-05 4.0E-02
hsa-miR-221 5.6E-06 7.4E-01
hsa-miR-326 7.4E-01 9.7E-01
hsa-miR-340 8.6E-01 7.9E-01
hsa-miR-342 6.1E-06 9.9E-01
  1. *) Posterior p-values < 0.05 indicate differential expression among subsets.
  2. **) Considered not expressed differentially after visual inspection of gene expression data.
  3. ***) Considered expressed differentially after visual inspection of the data.