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Table 1 Description of strains studied

From: Ploidy influences cellular responses to gross chromosomal rearrangements in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Strain Ploidy GCRs Duplicated region Deleted region Reference
A1-2n* 2n Aneuploidy 2n+1 YJL130c-YJL225c YLR109w-YLR001c + YLL001w-YLL064c   [20]
A2-2n* 2n Aneuploidy 2n+1 YJL130c-YJL225c YNL064c-YNL001w + YNR001c-YNR076w   [20]
A2-n* n Aneuploidy n+1 YJL130c-YJL225c YNL064c-YNL001w + YNR001c-YNR076w   In this study
A3-2n* 2n Aneuploidy 2n+1 YJL130c-YJL225c YGL008c-YGL001c + YGR001c-YGR296w   [20]
A3-n* n Aneuploidy n+1 YJL130c-YJL225c YGL008c-YGL001c + YGR001c-YGR296w   In this study
A4-2n 2n Aneuploidy 2n+1 YJL130c-YJL225c YLR249w-YLR001c + YLL001w-YLL064c   [20]
A4-n* n Aneuploidy n+1 YJL130c-YJL225c YLR249w-YLR001c + YLL001w-YLL064c   In this study
A5-2n* 2n Aneuploidy 2n+1 YJL130c-YJL225c YMR186w-YMR001c + YML001w-YML132w   [20]
A5-n n Aneuploidy n+1 YJL130c-YJL225c YMR186w-YMR001c + YML001w-YML132w   In this study
NRT1-2n 2n Non reciprocal translocation YJL130c-YJL225c YML186w-YMR326c [20]
NRT2-2n 2n Non reciprocal translocation YJL130c-YJL225c YHR174w-YHR219c-A [20]
SD1-2n* 2n Segmental duplication YJL130c-YJL133c-A   [20]
SD1-n* n Segmental duplication YJL130c-YJL133c-A   In this study
SD2-2n 2n Segmental duplication YJL130c-YJL151c   In this study
SD2-n* n Segmental duplication YJL130c-YJL151c   [23]
SD3-2n* 2n Segmental duplication YJL130c-YJL190c   In this study
SD3-n n Segmental duplication YJL130c-YJL190c   [23]
D1-2n* 2n Deletion   YJL130c-YJL128c In this study
D1-n* n Deletion   YJL130c-YJL128c [22]
D2-2n 2n Deletion   YJL130c-YJL076w [21]
D3-2n* 2n Deletion   YJL130c-YJL123c [21]
  1. Revertants used to transcriptomic analysis are indicated by an asterisk.