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Table 1 Biological processes significantly affected (p < 0.05) and over-represented after BaP treatment in synchronised MCF-7 cells in G0/G1, S, and G2/M as determined by Gene Ontology (GO) analysis within GeneSpring software

From: Influence of cell cycle on responses of MCF-7 cells to benzo[a]pyrene

Biological Process % of Genes in List p-Value
G1 -enriched cells
GO:7275: development 26.4 1.50E-03
GO:9653: morphogenesis 11.8 1.60E-02
GO:30154: cell differentiation 11.4 1.20E-02
GO:9059: macromolecule biosynthesis 10 1.10E-02
GO:8283: cell proliferation 8.6 1.90E-02
GO:31325: positive regulation of cellular metabolism 5 3.10E-02
GO:45941: positive regulation of transcription 4.1 4.90E-02
GO:45321: immune cell activation 3.2 2.30E-02
GO:51606: detection of stimulus 2.3 4.00E-03
S -enriched cells
GO:50789: regulation of biological process 42.7 1.30E-02
GO:42127: regulation of cell proliferation 7.3 2.10E-02
GO:40007: growth 5.5 1.70E-02
GO:42592: homeostasis 5.5 4.10E-02
GO:45944: positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter 3.6 2.20E-02
GO:7420: brain development 2.7 4.60E-02
GO:9065: glutamine family amino acid catabolism 1.8 7.20E-03
GO:6805: xenobiotic metabolism 1.8 2.10E-02
GO:9266: response to temperature stimulus 1.8 2.10E-02
GO:7157: heterophilic cell adhesion 1.8 2.20E-02
GO:6664: glycolipid metabolism 1.8 2.70E-02
GO:30203: glycosaminoglycan metabolism 1.8 5.00E-02
GO:35026: leading edge cell differentiation 0.9 5.60E-03
GO:42268: regulation of cytolysis 0.9 5.60E-03
GO:46399: glucuronate biosynthesis 0.9 1.10E-02
GO:16264: gap junction assembly 0.9 1.70E-02
GO:6975: DNA damage induced protein phosphorylation 0.9 1.70E-02
GO:48246: macrophage chemotaxis 0.9 3.30E-02
G2/M -enriched cells
GO:19219: regulation of nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolism 23.9 1.40E-03
GO:6355: regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent 21.8 1.80E-02
GO:30154: cell differentiation 10.6 1.10E-02
GO:7049: cell cycle 9.9 2.70E-04
GO:7264: small GTPase mediated signal transduction 6.3 6.90E-03
GO:9888: tissue development 4.2 1.30E-02
GO:16337: cell-cell adhesion 3.5 6.20E-03
GO:165: MAPKKK cascade 2.8 1.70E-02
GO:31098: stress-activated protein kinase signaling pathway 1.8 2.30E-03
GO:8624: induction of apoptosis by extracellular signals 1.4 3.70E-02
GO:42551: neuron maturation 1.4 3.00E-03
GO:6986: response to unfolded protein 1.4 1.10E-02
GO:51259: protein oligomerization 1.4 2.60E-02
GO:9266: response to temperature stimulus 1.1 1.50E-02
  1. Genes over-represented had an expression change of at least 1.5-fold.