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Figure 5

From: Yersinia enterocolitica palearctica serobiotype O:3/4 - a successful group of emerging zoonotic pathogens

Figure 5

Amino sugar growth experiment. Strains used for the experiments are Y11 (O:3/4) and WA-314 (O:8/1B) as well as a derivative of WA-314, supplemented with the complete aga-operon (see text). Strains were grown overnight in M9 minimal medium with glucose, washed and inoculated in M9 containing different amino sugars and sugars as the only carbon source. Negative control was M9 without any carbon source, positive control - 0.2% glucose. a) Measurement of the optical density at 600 nm (OD600) directly after inoculation. b) Measurement of the optical density at 600 nm after 48 hours of growth at 27°C.

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