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Table 1 General features of the genome and virulence plasmid of serobiotypes O:3/4 strain Y11 and O:8/1B strain 8081.

From: Yersinia enterocolitica palearctica serobiotype O:3/4 - a successful group of emerging zoonotic pathogens

Feature Genome Y11 Genome 8081 Plasmid pYVO3 Y11 Plasmid pYVO8 8081
Genome size 4553420 4615899 72460 67721
GC content in % 47.01 47.27 43.99 43
Number of coding sequences (CDS) 4355 3978 112* 72
Average size of CDS 884 968 506 672
Coding density in % 85 83 78 71
rRNA clusters 7 7 none none
tRNAs 70 81 none none
  1. *) The higher number of CDS for the O:3/4 pYV plasmid compared to O:8/1B is evoked by more transposase-like CDS (including also remnant or fragmented transposases) and more than 20 hypothetical CDS with no strong similarity on protein level to serobiotype O:8/1B. In addition, we found an arsABRH gene cluster present in the pYV plasmid of serobiotypes O:3/4 and O:9/2, but not in O:8/1B.