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Table 3 Accession numbers of strains involved in this study

From: Yersinia enterocolitica palearctica serobiotype O:3/4 - a successful group of emerging zoonotic pathogens

Strain name and bioserotype Accession numbers in EMBL database
Y11, O:3/4 FR729477 and FR745874 (plasmid)
8081, O:8/1B NC_008800 and NC_008791 (plasmid)
105.5R(r), O:9/3 CP002246 and CP002247 (plasmid)
W22703, O:9/2 AF102990 (plasmid)
Y8265, O:3/4 CACU01000001-CACU01000014
Y5307, O:3/4 CACV01000001-CACV01000018
Y5,27P, O:5,27/3 CACW01000001-CACW01000020