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Table 4 Deduced functions of strain-specific genes in C. ulcerans 809 and C. ulcerans BR-AD22

From: Comparative analysis of two complete Corynebacterium ulcerans genomes and detection of candidate virulence factors

Identifier Gene G+C content Proposed function of deduced protein
CULC809_00055 nreB 51.2% Sensor histidine kinase (two-component system)
CULC809_00056 nreC 48.0% Response regulator (two-component system)
CULC809_00086 tcsS5 57.1% Sensor histidine kinase (two-component system)
CULC809_00087 tcsR5 51.1% Response regulator (two-component system)
CULC809_00176 intC 53.1% Phage-related integrase
CULC809_00177 rbp 45.1% Putative ribosome binding protein
CULC809_01822 - 45.3% Surface-anchored protein
CULC809_01940 - 52.9% Surface-anchored protein
CULC809_01952 spaD 46.7% Surface-anchored protein (fimbrial subunit)
CULC809_01964 vsp2 49.3% Venome serine protease
CULC22_00055 tcsR5 50.8% Response regulator (two-component system)
CULC22_00056 tcsS5 48.1% Sensor histidine kinase (two-component system)
CULC22_00171 - 46.8% DNA-binding transcriptional regulator
CULC22_00173 intC 48.7% Phage-related integrase
CULC22_00174 - 51.1% Helix-turn-helix domain protein
CULC22_00235 tcsR1 50.3% Response regulator (two-component system)
CULC22_00236 tcsS1 52.9% Sensor histidine kinase (two-component system)
CULC22_01271 tetR4 52.7% TetR-family transcriptional regulator
CULC22_02106 spaD 45.1% Surface-anchored protein (fimbrial subunit)
CULC22_02199 - 48.6% Surface-anchored protein
CULC22_02221 - 49.0% SGNH-hydrolase family protein
CULC22_02229 - 61.3% Esterase-lipase family protein
CULC22_02230 - 62.3% DNA-binding transcriptional regulator