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Figure 4

From: Microsatellite isolation and marker development in carrot - genomic distribution, linkage mapping, genetic diversity analysis and marker transferability across Apiaceae

Figure 4

Genetic linkage maps of the wild carrot parent QAL and cultivated parent B493. Microsatellites mapped in this work are denoted in red. Carotenoid biosynthesis genes [8] and Dc MTD markers [9] are denoted in blue and green letters, respectively. Codominant markers present in both QAL and 493 maps are underlined. B493-map positions for significant QTL for root total carotenes (displaying 95% support intervals) in LG5 (former LG2) and LG7 (former LG5), were estimated based on data published previously [7, 58], and represented by yellow circles. LGs were ordered and named according to their corresponding physical chromosomes [19].

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