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Table 4 Anchor markers for RAD-only map construction.

From: Construction and application for QTL analysis of a Restriction Site Associated DNA (RAD) linkage map in barley

Locus Gene Chromosome Phenotype Gene
VRS-1 HvHox1 2H Two-row inflorescence (Vrs1Vrs1)/six-row inflorescence (vrs1vrs1) [49] GenBank:[AB489122.1]
ZEO-1 NA 2H Dwarf plant with compact head (Zeo1)/normal height and head length (zeo1)  
ALM NA 3H Green lemma and nodes (Alm)/albino lemma and nodes (alm)  
HSH NA 4H Hairs on lower leaf sheaths (Hsh)/lack of hair on lower leaf sheaths (hsh)  
SRH NA 5H Long hairs on rachilla (Srh/short hairs on rachilla (srh)  
ROB NA 6H Green lemma and nodes (Rob)/orange lemma and nodes (rob)  
WX GBSS-I 7H Wild type endosperm starch (Wx)/waxy endosperm starch (wx) [50] GenBank:[AF486518.1]
NUD NA 7H Hulled seed (Nud)/hulless seed (nud) [51] GenBank:[AP009567]
LKS2 NA 7H Long awn (Lks2)/short awn (lks2)  
  1. Nine morphological marker loci used for linkage map construction, together with RAD loci, in the Oregon Wolfe Barley mapping population, showing chromosome assignments, phenotypes, and genes (if known).