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Table 3 GUI and internet-based applications that produce circular comparison images for prokaryote genomes

From: BLAST Ring Image Generator (BRIG): simple prokaryote genome comparisons

  BRIG DNAPlotter[12] CGView Server[13] GeneWiz Browser[14] Microbial Genome Viewer[10] Genome Projector[11]
Supports custom annotations X X X X   X
Search and load annotations from existing files (e.g. Genbank, EMBL) X X     
Allows users to use their own genome data X X X X   X
Use Multi-FASTA as reference sequences X X     
Internally handles multiple genome comparisons X   X1 X1   
Provides percentage identity and e-value filtering for BLAST X   X X   
Supports read mapping and visualisation X    X   X
Natively supports contig and scaffold visualisation X      
Visualises Clusters of Orthologous Genes (COGS) functional grouping.   X X X X X
Can produce linear images   X    X X
Shows an interactive image   X    X X
  1. 1 CGView Server and GeneWiz Browser only support three and seven genome comparisons on a single image, respectively.