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Table 4 Synteny coverage between T. cacao (Matina 1-6) physical map and reference genome assemblies

From: A genetically anchored physical framework for Theobroma cacao cv. Matina 1-6

Reference Genome Coverage Genome Coverage Double-coverage*
V. vinifera T. cacao 87% 56%
V. vinifera V. vinifera 73% 27%
P. trichoptera T. cacao 91% 78%
P. trichoptera P. trichoptera 78% 24%
A. thaliana T. cacao 71% 35%
A. thaliana A. thaliana 44% 13%
T. cacao (Criollo) T. cacao (Matina 1-6) 97% 72%
T. cacao (Criollo) T. cacao (Criollo) 65% 25%
  1. *Double coverage is the fraction of sequence that is covered by more than one synteny block.