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Table 4 Specificity and sensitivity of distinction of melanoma from nevi and normal skin using the 56-gene profile template.

From: Tissue-specific gene expression templates for accurate molecular characterization of the normal physiological states of multiple human tissues with implication in development and cancer studies

or Benign
Predict-to-skin TP: 24 FP: 5 Positive predict: 29
Predict-to-other FN: 1 TN: 40 Negative predict: 41
  Sensitivity = 96% Specificity = 89%  
  1. TP: true positives; FP: false positives; FN: false negatives; TN: true negatives
  2. specificity = number of true negatives/[number of true negatives + number of false positives]
  3. sensitivity = number of true positives/[number of true positives + number of false negatives]