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Table 4 Expression profiling studies of fission yeast with DNA microarrays - S. pombe Functional Genomics Lab modulation of genes belonging to the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway

From: Ubiquitin-proteasome genes as targets for modulation of cisplatin sensitivity in fission yeast

Gene name Annotation S. cerevisiae Human
Lub1 Ub proteolysis DOA1/UFD3 PLAA
ubi4 Ub-attachment to target UBI4 UBC
ubc6 Ub ligase UBC6 UBE2J2
SPAC22A12.14c Ub protease - -
Ubx3:mug39 CDC48-dependent degradation UBX3 NSFL1C
Uch2 26S Ub-hydrolase YUH1 UCHL3
Rpn12:mts3 19S regulatory protein RPN12/NIN1 PSMD8
Ubx2:ucp13 CDC48-dependent degradation UBX5 -
Rpn3 19S regulatory protein RPN3/SUN2 PSMD3
SPCC4G3.13c Cue1/4 domain CUE1-4/KIS4 -
  1. a Modulated transcripts are reported for which at least a two-fold up-regulation was found.
  2. b The S. pombe wild-type sensitive strain 972 (h-, no auxotrophic markers) was exposed to a cisplatin concentration inhibiting colony growth by 80% (1.28 mM) after 4h drug exposure.