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Table 3 Putative P. larvae flagellar proteins

From: Updated genome assembly and annotation of Paenibacillus larvae, the agent of American foulbrood disease of honey bees

  Gene Protein, functional information from CDD P. larvae protein accession
Two component system chemotaxis proteins cheA CheA, sensor kinase [EC:] EFX46098; EFX46097
  cheW CheW, purine-binding protein EFX46097
  cheX CheX Not found
  cheC CheC EFX44110; EFX46096
  cheD CheD [EC:] EFX46095
  cheR CheR, methyltransferase [EC:] EFX46532
  cheB CheB, response regulator [EC:] EFX46099
  cheY CheY, response regulator EFX46498; EFX46108
  cheZ CheZ EFX46498
  cheV CheV, response regulator EFX46097; EFX46099
Methyl-accepting chemotaxis proteins mcp methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein EFX44725; EFX44051; EFX45552; EFX46097
  tsr McpI, serine sensor receptor EFX44051; EFX44725
  tar McpII, aspartate sensor receptor EFX44725; EFX46877
  trg McpIII, ribose and galactose sensor receptor EFX44725
  tap McpIV, peptide sensor receptor Not found
  aer Aerotaxis receptor EFX44725; EFX46877
  hemAT haem-based aerotactic transducer EFX44725; EFX46877
Type-III secretion proteins for flagellar assembly fliH FliH EFX46029
  fliI FliI, flagellum-specific ATP synthase [EC:] EFX46028
  fliZ, fliO FliO/FliZ EFX46107
  fliP FliP, flagellar biosynthetic protein EFX46106
  fliQ FliQ, flagellar biosynthetic protein EFX46105
  fliR FliR, flagellar biosynthetic protein EFX46104
  flhA FlhA, flagellar biosynthesis protein EFX46102
  flhB FlhB, flagellar biosynthetic protein EFX46103
  flhE FlhE Not found
  flhF FlhF, flagellar biosynthetic protein EFX46101
Motor/Switch motA MotA, chemotaxis protein EFX45489
  motB MotB, chemotaxis protein EFX45490
C-ring fliG FliG, flagellar motor switch protein EFX46030
  fliM FliM, flagellar motor switch protein EFX46110
  fliNY, fliN FliN/FliY, flagellar motor switch protein EFX46109
M, S, P and L rings fliF FliF, flagellar M-ring protein EFX46031
  flgI FlgI, flagellar P-ring protein precursor not found
  flgA FlgA, flagella basal body P-ring formation protein not found
  flgH FlgH, flagellar L-ring protein precursor not found
  fliF FliF, flagellar M-ring protein EFX46031
  flgA FlgA, flagella basal body P-ring formation protein not found
  flgH FlgH, flagellar L-ring protein precursor not found
Rod, hook, and filament flgB FlgB, flagellar basal-body rod protein EFX46034
  flgC FlgC, flagellar basal-body rod protein EFX46033
  flgD FlgD, flagellar basal-body rod modification protein not found
  flgF FlgF, flagellar basal-body rod protein EFX46113; EFX45368
  flgG FlgG, flagellar basal-body rod protein EFX46113; EFX45367
  flgJ FlgJ, flagellar protein not found
  flgE FlgE, flagellar hook protein EFX46113
  fliE FliE, flagellar hook-basal body complex protein EFX46032
  flgK FlgK, flagellar hook-associated protein 1 EFX46010
  flgL FlgL, flagellar hook-associated protein 3 EFX46011
  fliD FliD, flagellar hook-associated protein 2 EFX46016
  fliK FliK, flagellar hook-length control protein not found
  fliL FliL, flagellar protein EFX46111
  fliC Flagellin EFX46015
  flaF FlaF, flagellar protein EFX46015
  flaG FlaG, flagellar protein not found
  flbA FlbA, flagellar protein EFX46102
  flbB FlbB, flagellar protein not found
  flbC FlbC, flagellar protein not found
  flbD FlbD, flagellar protein not found
  flbT FlbT, flagellar protein not found
Regulation flhC FlhC, flagellar transcriptional activator not found
  flhD FlhD, flagellar transcriptional activator not found
  fliA FliA, RNA polymerase sigma factor for flagellar operon EFX44501;EFX46093; EFX43745; EFX44502
  flgM FlgM, negative regulator of flagellin synthesis not found
Chaperones flgN FlgN, flagella synthesis protein not found
  fliJ FliJ, flagellar protein EFX46027
  fliS FliS, flagellar protein EFX46017
  fliT FliT, flagellar protein not found
  fliW FliW, flagellar assembly factor EFX46013
  fliY FliY, cystine transport system substrate-binding protein EFX46109
  fliZ FliZ EFX46107
Archaeal flagellar proteins flaA-A, flaA FlaA, archaeal flagellin EFX46015
  flaB-A, flaB FlaB, archaeal flagellin EFX46015
  flaC-A, flaC FlaC EFX46015
  flaD-A, flaD FlaD EFX46015
  flaE-A, flaE FlaE EFX46113
  flaF-A, flaF FlaF EFX46015
  flaG-A, flaG FlaG not found
  flaH-A, flaH FlaH not found
  flaI-A, flaI FlaI not found
  flaJ-A, flaJ FlaJ not found
  flaK-A, flaK FlaK, archaeal preflagellin peptidase not found