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Table 4 Putative P. larvae toxins.

From: Updated genome assembly and annotation of Paenibacillus larvae, the agent of American foulbrood disease of honey bees

Protein (E-value) Domain, functional information from CDD
EFX46729 (8.00E-20),
EFX45732 (1.00E-18)
ETX_MTX2 [pfam03318]: Clostridium epsilon toxin ETX/Bacillus mosquitocidal toxin MTX2
EFX43878 (4.00E-32),
EFX45096 (3.00E-22),
EFX46664 (1.00E-17),
EFX46330 (1.00E-10)
VIP2 [cd00233]: A member of the vegetative insecticidal protein family. An actin-ADP-ribosylating toxin. A binary toxin.
EFX43879 (2.00E-102), Binary_toxB [pfam03495]: Clostridial binary toxin B/anthrax toxin PA. A binary toxin.
EFX45058 (1.00E-83),  
EFX45095 (2.00E-48),  
EFX44748 (3.00E-37),  
EFX46332 (2.00E-29),  
EFX44749 (6.00E-19),  
EFX46331 (1.00E-16),  
EFX44747 (4.00E-6),  
EFX44951 (6.00E-5),  
EFX46847 (6.00E-5),  
  1. *the listed match is not the one with the lowest E-value; it is displayed because it is the most informative