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Table 6 Putative P. larvae based on matches to conserved domains.

From: Updated genome assembly and annotation of Paenibacillus larvae, the agent of American foulbrood disease of honey bees

Protein (E-value) Domain, functional information from CDD
EFX44344 (2E-37) AmpS [COG2309]: Leucyl aminopeptidase (aminopeptidase T)
EFX45451 (6E-13) APP-like [cd01092]: Prolidase and Aminopeptidase P
EFX47002 (0) clpC [CHL00095]: Clp protease ATP binding subunit
EFX46058 (4E-5) ClpP [COG0740]: Protease subunit of ATP-dependent Clp proteases
EFX44161 (1E-85),
EFX45289 (1E-82)
clpP [PRK00277]: Clp protease proteolytic subunit
EFX45288 (7E-170) clpX [PRK05342]: Clp protease ATP-binding subunit
EFX45551 (7E-82), COG0826 [COG0826]: Collagenase and related proteases
EFX45550 (4E-48),  
EFX45481 (3E-19),  
EFX44736 (1E-28)  
EFX44399 (9E-8*) COG1310 [COG1310]: Predicted metal-dependent protease of the PAD1/JAB1 superfamily
EFX46420 (8E-149) COG2317 [COG2317]: Zn-dependent carboxypeptidase
EFX44401 (9E-45) COG2738 [COG2738]: Predicted Zn-dependent protease
EFX44533 (2E-9),
EFX45796 (2E-9)
COG2856 [COG2856]: Predicted Zn peptidase
EFX46883 (2E-31) COG3740 [COG3740]: Phage head maturation protease
EFX45850 (6E-11) COG4942 [COG4942]: Membrane-bound metallopeptidase
EFX46250 (1E-34),
EFX44926 (2E-64)
degP_htrA_DO [TIGR02037]: periplasmic serine protease, Do/DeqQ family
EFX47184 (5E-45) DegQ [COG0265]: Trypsin-like serine proteases, typically periplasmic
EFX46573 (5E-91), FtsH_fam [TIGR01241]: ATP-dependent metalloprotease FtsH
EFX44535 (5E-20*),  
EFX44172 (3E-17*)  
EFX47022 (0) HflB [COG0465]: ATP-dependent Zn proteases
EFX45319 (1E-36*),
EFX44073 (5E-8*)
HflC [COG0330]: membrane protease subunits, stomatin/prohibitin homologs
EFX46036 (4E-157) HslU [COG1220]: ATP-dependent protease HslVU (ClpYQ), ATPase subunit
EFX46037 (8E-65) HslV [COG5405]: ATP-dependent protease HslVU (ClpYQ), peptidase subunit
EFX43995 (2E-97), LasB [COG3227]: Zinc metalloprotease (elastase)
EFX45639 (1E-78),  
EFX45177 (9E-58)  
EFX45284 (0) Lon [COG0466]: ATP-dependent Lon protease
EFX43687 (8E-131) M3_fam_3 [TIGR02290]: oligoendopeptidase, pepF/M3 family
EFX44444 (2E-74) M14_Endopeptidase_I [cd06229]: Peptidase M14-like domain of Gamma-D-glutamyl-L-diamino acid endopeptidase 1
EFX44181 (2E-45) MrcA [COG5009]: Membrane carboxypeptidase/penicillin-binding protein
EFX45553 (4E-10*), MrcB [COG0744]: Membrane carboxypeptidase (penicillin-binding protein)
EFX46407 (3E-97*),  
EFX44298 (3E-75*),  
EFX46175 (2E-122*),  
EFX44515 (1E-12*),  
EFX44516 (4E-11*)  
EFX45371 (7E-9), EFX45028 (2E-7), EFX45493 (4E-25) NlpD [COG0739]: Membrane proteins related to metalloendopeptidases
EFX44427 (8E-144) pepF [TIGR00181]: oligoendopeptidase F
EFX46173 (4E-9) PepN [COG0308]: Aminopeptidase N
EFX45105 (1E-66) PepP [COG0006]: Xaa-Pro aminopeptidase
EFX47190 (3E-18) Peptidase_M23 [pfam01551]: Peptidase family M23
EFX46425 (8E-126) Peptidase_M6 [pfam05547]: Immune inhibitor A peptidase M6, a metallopeptidase from Bacillus thuringiensis that cleaves host antibacterial proteins
EFX47085 (4E-29) Peptidase_M9_N [pfam08453]: Peptidase family M9 N-terminal
EFX46343 (8E-6*) Peptidase_S24 [pfam00717]: Peptidase S24-like
EFX43847 (9E-13) Peptidase_S41_CPP [cd07560]: C-terminal processing peptidase; serine protease family S41
EFX43943 (3E-27*) Peptidase_S66 [pfam02016]: LD-carboxypeptidase; this cleaves the bond between an L- and a D-amino acid
EFX45480 (6E-38), EFX45479 (2E-8) Peptidase_U32 [pfam01136]: Peptidase family U32
EFX43960 (8E-78),
EFX45983 (2E-59)
Peptidases_S8_11 [cd04843]: Peptidase S8 family domain, uncharacterized subfamily 11
EFX46806 (8E-36) Peptidases_S8_Lantibiotic_specific_protease [cd07482]: Peptidase S8 family domain in Lantiobiotic (lanthionine-containing antibiotics) specific proteases
EFX44534 (5E-26), EFX45795 (1E-20*), EFX44174 (8E-25) Peptidases_S8_Subtilisin_like_2 [cd04847]: Peptidase S8 family domain in Subtilisin-like proteins
EFX45938 (8E-46), EFX45020 (3E-62), EFX46180 (2E-50), EFX45070 (2E-20) Peptidases_S8_Subtilisin_subset [cd07477]: Peptidase S8 family domain in Subtilisin proteins
EFX44839 (5E-67),
EFX44567 (5E-47),
EFX44567 (4E-55)
Peptidases_S8_Thermitase_like [cd07484]: Peptidase S8 family domain in Thermitase-like proteins
EFX47149 (7E-172) peptidase-T [TIGR01882]: peptidase T
EFX45664 (5E-87) PepT-like [TIGR01883]: peptidase T-like protein
EFX46054 (6E-33),
EFX46055 (2E-7),
EFX46066 (2E-67)
PqqL [COG0612]: Predicted Zn-dependent peptidases
EFX45492 (3E-73) prc [TIGR00225]: C-terminal peptidase (prc)
EFX44827 (3E-16*) PRK00016 [PRK00016]: putative metalloprotease
EFX44779 (1E-110) PRK02858 [PRK02858]: germination protease
EFX45078 (5E-118) PRK07318 [PRK07318]: dipeptidase PepV
EFX44480 (4E-11*) PRK08554 [PRK08554]: peptidase
EFX45711 (2E-73) PRK09795 [PRK09795]: aminopeptidase
EFX45631 (4E-24*),
EFX44757 (1E-22*)
PRK13914 [PRK13914]: invasion associated secreted endopeptidase
EFX44490 (3E-22*) PRK14791 [PRK14791]: lipoprotein signal peptidase
EFX46689 (1E-42) S14_ClpP_1 [cd07016]: Caseinolytic protease (ClpP)
EFX44792 (2E-28) S2P-M50_like_1 [cd06158]: Uncharacterized homologs of Site-2 protease (S2P), zinc metalloproteases (MEROPS family M50) which cleave transmembrane domains of substrate proteins, regulating intramembrane proteolysis (RIP) of diverse signal transduction mechanisms
EFX44503 (2E-42) spore_II_GA [TIGR02854]: sigma-E processing peptidase SpoIIGA
EFX45851 (1E-12) S2P-M50_SpoIVFB [cd06161]: SpoIVFB Site-2 protease (S2P), a zinc metalloprotease (MEROPS family M50B), regulates intramembrane proteolysis (RIP)
EFX47001 (2E-8*) spore_lon_C[TIGR02903]: ATP-dependent protease, Lon family
EFX45285 (0) spore_lonB [TIGR02902]: ATP-dependent protease LonB
EFX46081 (7E-45) TIGR00054 [TIGR00054]: RIP metalloprotease RseP
EFX44693 (1E-61) trio_M42_hydro [TIGR03106]: hydrolase, peptidase M42 family
  1. *the listed match is not the one with the lowest E-value; it is displayed because it is the most informative