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Table 7 Putative P. larvae antibiotic resistance proteins based on matches to conserved domains

From: Updated genome assembly and annotation of Paenibacillus larvae, the agent of American foulbrood disease of honey bees

Protein (E-value) Domain, functional information from CDD
EFX43850 (3E-37),
EFX47127 (3E-26),
EFX43889 (2E-44),
ABC_BcrA_bacitracin_resist [cd03268]: The BcrA subfamily represents ABC transporters involved in peptide antibiotic resistance; bacitracin is an antibiotic produced by B. licheniformis and B. subtilis with potent antibiotic activity against gram-positive bacteria
EFX46602 (1E-57),  
EFX44842 (2E-50),  
EFX46272 (4E-41),  
EFX45233 (9E-52)  
EFX46614 (4E-25), ABC_DR_subfamily_A [cd03230]: This family of ATP-binding proteins belongs to a multisubunit transporter involved in drug resistance (BcrA and DrrA), nodulation, lipid transport, and lantibiotic immunity
EFX44699 (4E-16),  
EFX45065 (1E-50) ABC_DrrA [cd03265]: DrrA is the ATP-binding protein component of a bacterial exporter complex that confers resistance to the antibiotics daunorubicin and doxorubicin
EFX46465 (1E-55), ABC_drug_resistance_like [cd03264]: ABC-type multidrug transport system, ATPase component
EFX45467 (3E-61),  
EFX45475 (2E-48*)  
EFX43892 (1E-42), ABC_putative_ATPase [cd03269]: This subfamily is involved in drug resistance, nodulation, lipid transport, and bacteriocin and lantibiotic immunity
EFX46872 (1E-35),  
EFX47099 (4E-20*),  
EFX45045 (1E-71*)  
EFX46236 (3E-6*) ABCC_MRP_Like [cd03228]: The MRP (Mutidrug Resistance Protein)-like transporters are involved in drug, peptide, and lipid export; they belong to the subfamily C of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) superfamily of transport proteins.
EFX44443 (3E-26) ACR_tran [pfam00873]: AcrB/AcrD/AcrF family. Members of this family are integral membrane proteins. Some are involved in drug resistance
EFX44702 (4E-33), CcmA [COG1131]: ABC-type multidrug transport system, ATPase component
EFX46006 (5E-34),  
EFX44595 (4E-16),  
EFX43880 (8E-54),  
EFX47052 (7E-40),  
PL1_2983 (1E-33),  
EFX46146 (6E-40),  
EFX45253 (3E-22),  
EFX45810 (9E-18),  
EFX45945 (1E-18),  
EFX47082 (9E-21*),  
EFX44360 (3E-15*),  
EFX46805 (6E-30*),  
EFX45180 (5E-27*)  
EFX43881 (3E-4*) COG0842 [COG0842]: ABC-type multidrug transport system, permease component
EFX44713 (1E-52) COG2409 [COG2409]: Predicted drug exporters of the RND superfamily
EFX47096 (4E-18) COG4152 [COG4152]: ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, ATPase component
EFX46793 (6E-34) COG4586 [COG4586]: ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, ATPase component
EFX46612 (2E-58), drrA [TIGR01188]: daunorubicin resistance ABC transporter ATP-binding subunit
EFX43786 (8E-63),  
EFX45226 (4E-54),  
EFX44634 (3E-36*)  
EFX43785 (4E-5) drrB [TIGR01247]: daunorubicin resistance ABC transporter membrane protein; the protein associated with effux of the drug, daunorubicin
EFX44398 (8E-11),
EFX47139 (1E-59)
efflux_Bcr_CflA [TIGR00710]: drug resistance transporter, Bcr/CflA subfamily
EFX46169 (4E-40), efflux_EmrB [TIGR00711]: drug resistance transporter, EmrB/QacA subfamily
EFX44387 (7E-37),  
EFX44446 (8E-09),  
EFX46126 (1E-53),  
EFX44956 (3E-9*)  
EFX46708 (3E-14) emrE [PRK09541]: multidrug efflux protein
EFX44177 (2E-4*) Glyoxalase [pfam00903]: Glyoxalase/Bleomycin resistance protein/Dioxygenase superfamily
EFX45543 (4E-10), HTH_MARR [smart00347]: helix_turn_helix multiple antibiotic resistance protein
EFX43861 (8E-11),  
EFX46148 (6E-10),  
EFX46170 (4E-12),  
EFX44712 (3E-12),  
EFX45783 (3E-6*),  
EFX46306 (1E-8*),  
EFX46227 (3E-4*),  
EFX44716 (5E-9*)  
EFX45439 (2E-48) Lant_dehyd_C [pfam04738]: Lantibiotic dehydratase, C terminus
EFX45438 (3E-31) LanC [cd04793]: LanC is the cyclase enzyme of the lanthionine synthetase. Lanthinoine is a lantibiotic, a unique class of peptide antibiotics
EFX46802 (4E-77*),
EFX46803 (4E-12*)
LcnDR2 [COG4403]: Lantibiotic modifying enzyme
EFX45784 (1E-84), MdlB [COG1132]: ABC-type multidrug transport system; ATPase and permease components
EFX45333 (6E-107),  
EFX44415 (7E-47*),  
EFX44416 (5E-44*),  
EFX45434 (1E-26*)  
EFX45348 (3E-36) NorM [COG0534]: Na+-driven multidrug efflux pump
EFX45532 (1E-114) PRK01766 [PRK01766]: multidrug efflux protein
EFX46249 (6E-16) PRK03545 [PRK03545]: sugar efflux transporter
EFX46262 (2E-15),
EFX44433 (8E-82)
PRK09874 [PRK09874]: drug efflux system protein MdtG
EFX45329 (5E-21) PRK10054 [PRK10054]: putative MFS-type transporter YdeE
EFX47111 (5E-4*) PRK10504 [PRK10504]: multidrug efflux system protein MdtE
EFX45115 (3E-58*) PRK10522 [PRK10522]: multidrug transporter membrane component/ATP-binding component
EFX47080 (1E-129) PRK10789 [PRK10789]: putative multidrug transporter membrane\ATP-binding components
EFX47079 (5E-98) PRK10790 [PRK10790]: putative multidrug transporter membrane\ATP-binding components
EFX45606 (2E-13) PRK11102 [PRK11102]: bicyclomycin/multidrug efflux system
EFX46841 (4E-19),
EFX46842 (3E-13)
PRK11431 [PRK11431]: quaternary ammonium compound-resistance protein SugE
EFX43805 (8E-7*) PRK11646 [PRK11646]: multidrug resistance protein MdtH
EFX47100 (4E-6) RND_mfp [TIGR01730]: RND family efflux transporter, MFP subunit
  1. *the listed match is not the one with the lowest E-value; it is displayed because it is the most informative