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Table 1 Enriched KEGG pathways in 'lactating' crop transcriptome

From: Histological and global gene expression analysis of the 'lactating' pigeon crop

Pathway % Total genes^ %Mapped genes* p value
Melanogenesis 2.5 10.5 2.7e-3
ECM-receptor interaction 1.9 7.9 2.2e-2
Adherens junction 1.6 6.6 6.3e-2
Wnt signalling pathway 2.2 9.2 6.6e-2
  1. Gene expression pathways that were identified as enriched in 'lactating' crop tissue.
  2. ^Total genes is the number of up-regulated genes (320) that could be identified by the DAVID program
  3. *Mapped genes is the number of genes (76) that could be mapped to a KEGG pathway.