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Figure 3

From: Transcriptomic analysis of the interaction between Helianthus annuus and its obligate parasite Plasmopara halstedii shows single nucleotide polymorphisms in CRN sequences

Figure 3

PCR amplification of a subset of the 49 predicted oomycete sequences. PCR amplification was performed with H.annuus PSC8 DNA (H) and P. halstedii race 710 DNA (P) with 24 primer couples, and loaded on an agarose gel (1.5%) stained with ethidium bromide. Ladder used was 1Kb (BioLabs). The star indicates an amplification on both H and P but with the H amplified band size smaller than that of P. The amplified HP represented are: HP003248, HP000331, HP001113, HP000314, HP003279, HP003590, HP003584, HP000639, HP003940, HP001561, HP001957, HP000353, HP001963, HP001040, HP001711, HP000298, HP003084, HP003006, HP000301, HP001391, HP000977, HP001858, HP002621, HP002636. The predicted amplified band sizes are indicated in Additional file 5.

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