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Table 2 Candidate transcription factor families responsible for the early transcriptional up-regulation events in the forebrain at 1 hr after HP.

From: Regional genome transcriptional response of adult mouse brain to hypoxia

Name Transcription Factor Families GO function annotation P Value Representative members Preferentially associated with CNS
V$NFKB Nuclear factor kappa B/c-rel apoptosis, oxidative stress 0.002 Nfkb  
V$CP2F CP2-erythrocyte Factor related to drosophila Elf1 steroid biosynthetic process 0.003 Cp2  
V$YBXF Y-box binding transcription factors negative regulation of apoptosis, response to cold 0.003 Csda  
V$CTCF CTCF and BORIS gene family transcriptional regulators DNA methylation 0.005 Ctcf  
V$GLIF GLI zinc finger family CNS development, negative regulation of cell proliferation, neurogenesis 0.005 Gli1/Gli3 Yes
V$EBOX E-box binding factors apoptosis, cell cycle arrest, cell proliferation, ER stress response, regulation of glycolysis 0.008 Nmyc-1, Myc Ubiquitous
V$AHRR AHR-arnt heterodimers and AHR-related factors apoptosis, cell cycle, nervous system development, response to stress 0.010 AHR/ARNT dimers  
V$AP2F Activator protein 2 cell-cell signaling, nervous system development 0.010 AP2 Ubiquitous
V$NOLF Neuron-specific-olfactory factor positive regulation of transcription 0.011 Ebf1 Yes
V$GKLF Gut-enriched Krueppel like binding factor mesodermal cell fate determination, negative regulation of cell proliferation 0.029 Klf4  
V$HESF Vertebrate homologues of enhancer of split complex Notch signaling pathway, cell proliferation, circadian clock, negative regulation of neuron differentiation, vasculogenesis 0.034 Hes1-6 Yes
V$MZF1 Myeloid zinc finger 1 factors N/A 0.034 Mzf1 Ubiquitous
V$HIFF Hypoxia inducible factor, bHLH/PAS protein family CNS development, oxygen homeostasis, circadian rhythm, response to temperature stimulus 0.042 HIF-1α, HIF-2α Ubiquitous
V$GREF Glucocorticoid responsive and related elements cell growth, cell proliferation, glucocorticoid receptor signaling pathway 0.047 Nr3c1 Ubiquitous