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Table 3 Canonical signaling pathways associated with region-specific up-regulated genes in the cerebellum following HP.

From: Regional genome transcriptional response of adult mouse brain to hypoxia

Pathway No. of Genes P Genes
Hypoxia Signaling in the Cardiovascular System 10 0.0003 UBE2V2, BIRC6, JUN, UBE2G2, UBE2R2 (includes EG:54926), HIF1A, EDN1, PTEN, UBE2G1, VHL
Integrin Signaling 18 0.0011 ARF6, PIK3CA, CRKL, ITGB5, PXN, FYN, DOCK1, PTK2, RHOU, ITGA6, RHOT1, TSPAN5, RHOJ, BCAR1, BCAR3, PTEN, RHOV, ZYX
VEGF Signaling 10 0.0021 PRKCB1, EIF1AY, EIF1, FOXO1, EIF2S2, PIK3CA, PXN, HIF1A, FOXO3, PTK2
Fc gammar Receptor-mediated Phagocytosis in Macrophages and 9 0.0195 PRKCB1, ARF6, PRKCD, PXN, FYN, VAMP3, DGKB, DOCK1, PTEN
Protein Ubiquitination Pathway 14 0.0204 UBE2V2, PSMC6, FBXW7, UBE2R2 (includes EG:54926), CUL2, PSMA1, VHL, USP7, BIRC6, UBE2G2, TRAF6, USP53, USP2, UBE2G1
IL-8 Signaling 13 0.0269 PRKCB1, PRKCD, GNG4, PIK3CA, GNB2L1, PTK2, ARAF, RHOU, RHOT1, TRAF6, RHOJ, RHOV, GNA13
14-3-3-mediated Signaling 12 0.0295 ARAF, PRPF4B, PRKCB1, JUN, DYRK1A, CDK7, PRKCD, FOXO1, PIK3CA, PLCD1, TUBA4A, CSNK1A1
Selenoamino Acid Metabolism 4 0.0302 MAT2A, GGT7, SEPHS2, MARS2
IGF-1 Signaling 8 0.0339 IGFBP1, JUN, FOXO1, PIK3CA, CTGF, PXN, FOXO3, PTK2
Estrogen Receptor Signaling 9 0.0427 TAF11, IGFBP1, CDK7, POLR2D, TAF9, DDX5, TAF5L, PPARGC1A, NCOA2
VDR/RXR Activation 7 0.0457 PRKCB1, IGFBP1, PRKCD, FOXO1, CEBPB, MXD1, NCOA2
NRF2-mediated Oxidative Stress Response 12 0.0525 PRKCB1, JUN, PRKCD, HSPB8, SOD1, PIK3CA, HERPUD1, CUL3, DNAJC5, FKBP5, DNAJC11, MAF
Tight Junction Signaling 11 0.0617 CTNNA1, EPB41, PPP2CA, CPSF6, JUN, CSTF1, CNKSR3, CSTF3, MYH7B (includes EG:668940), VAPA, PTEN
IL-12 Signaling and Production in Macrophages 8 0.0631 JMJD6, PRKCB1, JUN, PRKCD, PIK3CA, TRAF6, CEBPB, MAF
Glucocorticoid Receptor Signaling 15 0.0933 TAF11, AGT, CDK7, SMARCD2, PIK3CA, CEBPB, FKBP5, TAF9, TAF5L, NCOA2, JUN, NR3C2, POLR2D, TRAF6, GTF2A2
PTEN Signaling 7 0.0955 FOXO1, PIK3CA, CNKSR3, BCAR1, FOXO3, PTEN, PTK2
  1. A total of 1,241 transcripts that were up-regulated at least 1.2-fold in the cerebellum, but not in the hippocampus, were included in the analysis. The Fisher's exact test was used to determine the significance of each signaling pathway; significance was defined as a P value less than 0.1.