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Figure 5 | BMC Genomics

Figure 5

From: The human genome: a multifractal analysis

Figure 5

Distributions by gene function, gene family, and gene length: A: Gene functional distributions per RM. These distributions are strongly significant up to 80% of the ranges. B: Percentage of gene families per RM. Gene families: CA: Carbonic anhydrase, CD: cluster of differentiation, GPR: G protein-coupled receptors, KCN: potassium channels, OR: olfactory receptor, RPS: ribosomal proteins, SLC: solute carrier, SNORA: small nucleolar RNA, USP: ubiquitin-specific peptidases, ZNF: Zinc fingers, C2H2-type. C: Degree of gene fragmentation per RM. AGL: average of gene length, R2 ~0.55. AEL: average of exon length, R2 ~0.91. AIL: average of intron length, R2 ~0.74.

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