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Table 3 Genes of the cryptic plasmid found to be differentially expressed in response to anaerobiosis.

From: Deep sequencing-based analysis of the anaerobic stimulon in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Gene Replicate 1b Replicate 2 Definitiona
Transcript 1
   ORF1 12.8 9.7 Putative plasmid replicase, RepA
   ORF2 4.5 3.1 Hypothetical protein
   ORF3 4.5 3.4 Hypothetical protein
   ORF4 4.5 2.6 Putative plasmid antitoxin, VapX
   ORF5 5.1 5.5 Putative plasmid toxin, VapD
Transcript 2
   ORF6 18.2 6.0 Hypothetical protein
   ORF7 13.3 34.4 Hypothetical protein
   cppC 19.9 41.6 Putative plasmid mobilization protein, MobA
   cppB 6.2 7.9 Putative plasmid mobilization protein, MobB, partial only
   cppA 7.6 8.2 Cryptic plasmid protein A
  1. a Protein definitions are derived from Korch et al., (1985) [80] or the NCBI conserved domain database [33].
  2. b The fold change for each replicate was calculated by comparing total number of reads for each gene in anaerobically grown gonococci to number of reads for each gene in aerobically grown gonococci. Values were normalized to total number of chromosomal reads. A positive value represents an induction of gene expression anaerobically, and a negative value represents a repression of gene expression anaerobically.