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Figure 4

From: Proteomic and biochemical analyses reveal the activation of unfolded protein response, ERK-1/2 and ribosomal protein S6 signaling in experimental autoimmune myocarditis rat model

Figure 4

Total ERK-1/2 and phosphorylated-rpS6 were increased in EAM heart tissue. The levels of AKT1, ERK-1/2, and rpS6 were examined (A). GAPDH was used as a loading control. There was no difference between the control rats and the EAM day 9 and day 16 rats for AKT1 or rpS6 (B, D). However, the levels of total ERK-1/2 were significantly increased in EAM days 16 and 20 (C). The levels of phosphorylated AKT1, ERK-1/2, and rpS6 were quantified (E). There was no activation of AKT1 signaling in EAM rats (F). EAM day 16 and day 20 rats appeared to have increased amount of phosphorylated ERK-1/2 (G). The levels of phosphorylated rpS6 were significantly increased in EAM day 16 and day 20 rat heart tissues (H). * indicates p < 0.05. ** indicates p < 0.01. *** indicates p < 0.001.

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