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Table 2 Sequenced strains and genomes available in GenBank used in this study

From: Comparative genomic analysis of Streptococcus suis reveals significant genomic diversity among different serotypes

Strain Serotype Place of origin Plasmid GenBank accession number Reference
05ZYH33 2 China no CP000407 [31]
98HAH33 2 China no CP000408 [31]
A7 2 China no CP002570 Our other study a
BM407 2 Vietnam yes FM252032/FM252033 [8]
D9 7 China no CP002641 This study
D12 9 China no CP002644 This study
GZ1 2 China no CP000837 [9]
JS14 14 China no CP002465 [35]
P1/7 2 Europe no AM946016 [8]
SC84 2 China no FM252031 [8]
SS12 1/2 China no CP002640 This study
ST1 1 China no CP002651 This study
ST3 3 China no CP002633 [34]
  1. a Strain A7 was sequenced in an unpublished study by our group.