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Table 6 Summary of putative SNP identification from the catfish expressed short reads assembly

From: Generation of genome-scale gene-associated SNPs in catfish for the construction of a high-density SNP array

  Channel catfish Blue catfish All catfish
Contigs under analysis 523,815 525,428 526,099
Total SNPs 2,030,410 2,497,806 4,236,135
   Transitions 1,311,220 1,616,477 2,751,244
   Transversions 719,190 881,329 1,484,891
SNP/100 bp 1.6 1.8 3.0
  1. Putative SNPs include all base variations involved in the sequence assemblies with at least four sequences present at the SNP position with minor allele sequences represented at least twice. All catfish represents both intra-specific and inter-specific SNPs. Note that the total SNPs from all catfish assembly is fewer than the sum of total SNPs from channel catfish and blue catfish due to shared SNP positions in the two catfish species.