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Table 3 Assessment of overlapping reliability at end to end merging points by using PCR

From: Generation of the first BAC-based physical map of the common carp genome

Clones overlapping each other cutoff value of end merging Positive(+)/Negative(-)
CYC054L01 CYC121J09 1e-40 +
CYC204K23 CYC054L01 1e-40 +
CYC027I24 CYC203H04 8e-37 +
CYC096 P15 CYC148K22 4e-36 +
CYC016K05 CYC207J08 5e-25 +
CYC013P01 CYC240P24 1e-21 +
CYC086L08 CYC118D14 4e-36 +
CYC055K17 CYC098L15 2e-28 +
  1. Note that positive (+) indicates two overlapping clones are truly overlapped at the end-to-end merging point.