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Table 2 Chicken ncRNAs cloned and presented as novel RNAs by Zhang at al [19] are homologs of well-known human ncRNAs

From: SNOntology: Myriads of novel snornas or just a mirage?

RNA ID1 GenBank ID RNA name Identifiable by Rfam search Identifiable by snoRNAbase search Cloned and properly identified by Shao et al. [17]
GGN11 EU240230 SNORD102B 2 No yes no
GGN20 EU240238 SNORD1B No yes yes (GGgCD64)
GGN86 EU240302 SNORD13 Yes yes no
GGN120 EU240333 fragment of SNORA84 Yes yes no
GGN148 EU240352 SNORD104 No yes no
GGN100 EU240315 SNORD11A Yes yes yes (GGgCD12A)
GGN71 EU240287 SNORD127 Yes yes no
GGN107 EU240321 SNORD81 Yes yes yes (GGgCD31)
GGN52 EU240268 SNORD44 Yes yes yes (GGgCD6)
GGN34 EU240252 SNORD87C No yes yes (GGgCD46a)
GGN108 EU240322 SNORD46A No yes yes (GGgCD47a)
GGN80 EU240296 SNORD62 No yes yes (GGgCD14)
GGN82 EU240298 SNORD4 Yes yes yes (GGgCD4)
GGN17 EU240236 SNORD1A No yes yes (GGgCD64)
GGN79 EU240295 SNORA77 Yes yes yes (GGgACA12)
GGN72 EU240288 SNORA40 Yes no yes (GGgACA20)
GGN87 EU240303 SNORA44 Yes yes no
GGN58 EU240274 SNORA17 Yes yes no
GGN56 EU240272 SNORA15 Yes no no
GGN32 EU240250 SNORA31B Yes no yes (GGgACA38)
GGN123 EU240336 SNORA4 No no yes (GGgACA26)
GGN74 EU240290 SNORA64 No no yes (GGgACA47)
GGN103 EU240318 U4atac Yes no no
GGN141 EU240348 SNORA25 No yes yes (GGgACA11)
GGN67 EU240283 fragment of SCARNA11 Yes no yes (GGgACA29)
GGN105 EU240320 NET3 3 No no no
GGN68 EU240284 SNORD97 No yes no
GGN46 EU240262 SNORD43 No yes yes (GGgCD29)
GGN147 EU240351 Vault RNA Yes no no
GGN16 EU240235 fragment of SNORD46B No No yes (GGgCD47b)
  1. 1 According to Zhang et al. [19]; listed in the same order as in Table one in [19].
  2. 2 The SNORD102B transcript has a longer antisense element than SNORD102A, and thus can guide the modification the rRNA nucleotide adjacent to that guided by SNORD102A [16].
  3. 3 NET3 RNA is described by us [16] and is specific for vertebrates except placental mammals.