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Table 3 Interrogation of macroarrays with overgo and PCR amplicon gene-specific probes

From: Characterization of the genome of bald cypress

# of probes in hyb. mix Genes represented by probes in hyb. mix Probe typea # of pos. clonesb Library addresses of positive clonesc Mean hits per genome
5 Chi1, Ferr, Pat, HemA, Lcyb OVG 7 1052C3d, 1069I8d, 1137O7d, 1227H24, 1258G13, 1271L2, 1276E22 1.4
8 AMT, AQU, Cal, Chi1, Cryj2, Ferr, Lcyb, HemA PCR 12 721G13, 724I23, 738H3, 749O14, 775F3, 813M13, 822N2, 826H4, 835L14, 836I14, 864F18, 885D20 1.5
  1. aOVG = overgo (22-mer); PCR = PCR amplicon (each ca. 500 bp)
  2. bPer one genome equivalent, i.e., per 73,728 clones
  3. cClone addresses are composed of a plate number, a row letter, and a column number, e.g., 1052N22 is the clone found in plate 1052, row N, column 22.
  4. dA dot-blot experiment verified that clones 1052N22, 1069H17, and 1137O7 contained the HemA, Chi1, and Pat genes, respectively. Specific clone/probe relationships were not determined for the other clones.