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Table 7 CNVs selected for validation by qPCR

From: Whole genome resequencing of black Angus and Holstein cattle for SNP and CNV discovery

CNV ID Entrez Gene Log2 ratio P-value
Chr2_CNV_29 PLA2G2D1 -1.799 0
Chr3_CNV_18 LOC781675 0.813 3.06E-99
Chr5_CNV_6 - 0.871 3.44E-112
Chr5_CNV_46 - 2.777 0
Chr6_CNV_32 LOC785098 0.811 3.47E-141
Chr10_CNV_24 - -2.954 0
Chr13_CNV_50 ATRN 0.858 4.00E-171
Chr15_CNV_26 - 0.806 3.79E-109
Chr18_CNV_75 - 0.951 1.64E-138
Chr24_CNV_6 SERPINB5 0.991 8.42E-164
  1. Five genic and five non-genic CNVs were selected for validation by qPCR. Entrez Gene names are given for genic CNVs. The log2 ratios and p-values obtained from the CNV-seq software are shown. Positive log2 ratios indicate higher read depth in the Holstein animal.