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Table 8 Gene Ontology terms enriched among the CNVs

From: Whole genome resequencing of black Angus and Holstein cattle for SNP and CNV discovery

Ontology GO ID Description Animal P-BA P-HOL
BP GO:0032502 Developmental process Both 4.3E-21 3.5E-40
BP GO:0032501 Multicellular organismal process Both 6E-34 3.4E-67
BP GO:0050789 Regulation of biological process Both 0.00042 0.00015
BP GO:0002376 Immune system process Both 2.4E-19 1.4E-17
BP GO:0016043 Cellular component organization Both 1.3E-07 9.7E -12
BP GO:0065007 Biological regulation Both 5.5E-05 9.2E-05
BP GO:0048518 Positive regulation of biological process Both 1.3E-35 2.6E-29
BP GO:0048519 Negative regulation of biological process Both 5.7E-16 1E-30
BP GO:0022610 Biological adhesion Both 8.5E-06 0.028
BP GO:0016265 Death Both 1.5E-13 2.3E-07
BP GO:0009987 Cellular process Both 0.011 0.077
BP GO:0008152 Metabolic process Both 0.0051 0.015
BP GO:0051234 Establishment of localization Both 0.011 0.00069
BP GO:0051179 Localization Both 0.002 3.5E-07
BP GO:0040007 Growth Both 9.7E-07 3.8E-16
BP GO:0050896 Response to stimulus Both 3.2E-30 9.1E-41
BP GO:0044085 Cellular component biogenesis Both 0.00072 0.0044
BP GO:0040011 Locomotion BA 5.4E-12 -
BP GO:0000003 Reproduction HOL - 1.6E-25
BP GO:0022414 Reproductive process HOL - 3.8E-18
CC GO:0032991 Macromolecular complex Both 0.007 1.6E-05
CC GO:0005623 Cell Both 0.0016 0.00025
CC GO:0044464 Cell part Both 0.0016 0.00025
CC GO:0044421 Extracellular region part Both 1.2E-14 5.8E-13
CC GO:0005576 Extracellular region Both 2E-08 7.8E-07
CC GO:0043226 Organelle Both 0.0054 4.3E-07
CC GO:0044422 Organelle part Both 0.00024 6.8E-10
CC GO:0031974 Membrane-enclosed lumen HOL - 4.5E-06
MF GO:0060089 Molecular transducer activity Both 0.013 0.0031
MF GO:0005215 Transporter activity Both 0.07 0.43
MF GO:0003824 Catalytic activity Both 0.071 0.095
MF GO:0005488 Binding Both 0.0015 0.0032
MF GO:0030528 Transcription regulator activity HOL - 0.16
MF GO:0030234 Enzyme regulator activity HOL - 3.6E-09
  1. GO IDs from the three GO ontologies (BP = Biological Process; CC = Cellular Component; MF = Molecular Function) enriched among the CNV gains in Black Angus (BA), Holstein (HOL), or both animals (Both). P-values are provided, when applicable, for the subset of CNVs detected as gains in the Black Angus animal (P-BA) and the subset detected as gains in the Holstein animal (P-HOL).