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Table 1 Haplotype determination for the distal and proximal AF QTL on chromosome 5.

From: Complex trait subtypes identification using transcriptome profiling reveals an interaction between two QTL affecting adiposity in chicken

Animal ID Subgroup Proximal AF QTL haplotype Distal AF QTL haplotype Both AF QTL haplotypes
L1 lean2 q q q-q
L2 lean2 Q q Q-q
L3 lean1 q Q q-Q
L4 lean1 Q q Q-q
L5 lean1 Q q Q-q
L6 lean1 q x X
L7 lean2 Q x X
L8 lean1 q Q q-Q
L9 mixed q q q-q
L10 lean1 x q X
L11 lean1 x q X
L12 lean1 q q q-q
L13 fat2 x Q X
L14 lean1 Q q Q-q
L15 lean1 x Q X
L16 lean2 q x X
L17 lean2 Q q Q-q
L18 mixed Q Q Q-Q
L19 lean2 Q q Q-q
L20 fat2 q q q-q
I1 mixed x Q X
I2 fat2 x Q X
I3 mixed q q q-q
I4 mixed Q Q Q-Q
I5 mixed Q q Q-q
F1 fat1 Q Q Q-Q
F2 mixed Q Q Q-Q
F3 fat2 Q Q Q-Q
F4 fat2 Q Q Q-Q
F5 fat1 Q x X
F6 fat1 q q q-q
F7 fat1 Q Q Q-Q
F8 mixed x Q X
F9 fat1 Q x X
F10 fat1 q q q-q
F11 fat2 x q X
F12 fat2 Q Q Q-Q
F13 mixed q q q-q
F14 fat1 x Q X
F15 fat2 x Q X
F16 lean2 q q q-q
F17 fat1 x Q X
F18 fat2 Q Q Q-Q
F19 fat2 Q Q Q-Q
F20 mixed q Q q-Q
   34 animals 40 animals 29 animals
  1. Animal labels F1 to F20 indicate the 20 fattest chickens, L1 to L20 the 20 leanest chickens and I1 to I5 the 5 intermediate chickens.
  2. The two letters indicate the Q or q haplotype inherited from the sire, with a probability > 99% for the QTL at 84 cM (first column) or the QTL at 168 cM (second column); x indicates a probability < 99%. The probability of inheriting the paternal Q versus q haplotype was calculated by QTLMap software only on the basis of marker information in the region of interest.