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Table 2 Genes for which RNA level is controlled by the two proximal and distal regions in interaction similarly to the adiposity phenotype

From: Complex trait subtypes identification using transcriptome profiling reveals an interaction between two QTL affecting adiposity in chicken

    Classical Model Interaction Model Test Lean1/lean2
oligo ID HGNC corr location maxLRT location maxLRT DE p-value
RIGG00027 BPNT1 -0.36 182 9.6* 95 9.8+ -/+ +
RIGG05332 NULL -0.39 178 6.3+ 77 11.5* -/+ *
RIGG07405 P4HA2 -0.38 185 7.3+ 73 12.0* -/+ +
RIGG12578 NULL -0.58 158 11.7* 86 9.3+ +/- +
  1. For each gene, are given the oligonucleotide identifier (oligo ID), the HGNC abbreviation (HGNC), the Pearson correlation with the abdominal fatness (corr), the maximum LRT location in cM and the maximum LRT (maxLRT) using either the classical model or the interaction model. The two last columns are related to the statistical test comparing the expression between the lean1 and the lean2 subtypes: the differential expression between the two subtypes (DE = lean1/lean2) and the p-value associated are indicated. * and +: p-value at the chromosome level <0.05 and <0.1 respectively.