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Table 2 Average percent identities among the three maxicircle clades

From: The Trypanosoma cruzi Sylvio X10 strain maxicircle sequence: the third musketeer

Comparison Non-edited Edited Intergenic
  rRNAs Genes Proteins Genes  
Sylvio vs CL Brener
(clade A vs clade B)
93% 92% 86% 93% 81%
CL Brener vs Esmeraldo
(clade B vs clade C)
92% 89% 86% 90% 73%
Sylvio vs Esmeraldo
(clade A vs clade C)
93% 89% 86% 89% 74%
  1. Non-edited genes: Cyb, MURF1, ND1, COII, MURF2, COI, ND4, partial ND5
  2. Proteins: MURF1, ND1, COII, MURF2, COI
  3. Edited genes: ND8, ND7, COIII, ATPase6, CR4, CR5, RPS12