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Table 1 Treatment regimens used for gene expression analysis

From: The association of DNA damage response and nucleotide level modulation with the antibacterial mechanism of the anti-folate drug Trimethoprim

Condition Base medium Supplementation Viability loss
LBTMP Luria-Bertani broth - + (90% loss in 3 hours)
M9TMP Minimal M9 None -
M9TMPAdAA Minimal M9 Met, Gly, Ad + (>70% loss in 6 hours)
M9TMPAA Minimal M9 Met, Gly -
M9TMPAd Minimal M9 Ad -
M9TMPThyAdAA Minimal M9 Met, Gly, Ad, Thy -
  1. A list of treatment regimens used. Viability loss indicates the relative magnitude of cell lethality (+: maximum, -: no loss). TMP: Trimethoprim (50 or 25 μg/ml), Met: methionine, Gly: glycine, Ad: adenine (each at 50 μg/ml final concentration)