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Table 2 List of mutants yielding high biomass in presence of TMP at sub-lethal concentrations in LB medium

From: The association of DNA damage response and nucleotide level modulation with the antibacterial mechanism of the anti-folate drug Trimethoprim

Resistant knock-out candidates
Gene Gene ID Description
moaE b0785 Molybdopterin (MPT) synthase, large subunit; chlorate resistance; dimer of dimers with MoaD
ybhN b0788 Function unknown
yliE b0833 Function unknown
ymfQ b1153 Function unknown
yobG b1826 Function unknown
yecN b1869 Function unknown
crr b2417 Phosphocarrier protein for glucose of the PTS; Enzyme IIA(Glc); formerly EIII(glc)
recJ b2892 Single-stranded DNA-specific exonuclease, 5'-3'
ygjT b3088 Function unknown; induced by alkali; putative membrane transport or efflux protein
ygjU b3089 Na+/serine (threonine) symporter
nanA b3225 N-Acetylneuraminate lyase (aldolase)
yhiP b3496 Function unknown
uhpT b3666 Fosfomycin sensitivity; sugar P transport system; transport protein for hexose P's
yiiQ b3920 Function unknown
uvrA b4058 Excision nuclease subunit A; repair of UV damage to DNA; LexA regulon; binds Zn(II)
fimE b4313 Site-specific recombinase for fimA promoter segment inversion; bias for ON to OFF phase switching
deoC b4381 Deoxyribose-phosphate aldolase; deoxyriboaldolase; binds selenium
deoA b4382 Thymidine phosphorylase
  1. A total of 18 mutants, based on their relatively high biomass yield in presence of TMP, were identified as sensitive candidates. Genes whose functions are related to DNA maintenance and nucleotide salvage pathway are highlighted in bold. Genes are sorted by their Gene IDs.