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Table 3 List of mutants yielding low biomass in presence of TMP at sub-lethal concentrations in LB medium

From: The association of DNA damage response and nucleotide level modulation with the antibacterial mechanism of the anti-folate drug Trimethoprim

Sensitive knock-out candidates
Gene Gene ID Description
deoR b0840 Repressor for deo operon, nupG and tsx; binds deoxyribose-5-phosphate inducer
flgH b1079 Flagellar synthesis, basal body L-ring protein
fliD b1924 Hook-associated protein 2, axial family; flagellar regulon
fliI b1941 Cytoplasmic membrane ATPase involved in flagellar assembly; involved in export of flagellar axial protein subunits
fliN b1946 Flagellar switch protein
JW5799 -  
mdoH b1049 Membrane glycosyltransferase
tdk b1238 Deoxythymidine kinase
ycbC b0920 Function unknown
yciM b1280 Function unknown
ydhA b1639 Function unknown
yfgE (hda) b2496 Required for regulatory inactivation of DnaA; multicopy suppressor of dnaN(ts)
alaS b2697 Alanine--tRNA ligase
  1. A total of 13 mutants, based on their relatively low yields, were identified as sensitive candidates. Genes whose functions are related to DNA maintenance and nucleotide salvage pathway are highlighted in bold. Genes are sorted by their Gene IDs.