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Figure 6

From: Production of a reference transcriptome and transcriptomic database (PocilloporaBase) for the cauliflower coral, Pocillopora damicornis

Figure 6

Functionality of PocilloporaBase. PocilloporaBase houses the raw sequencing reads generated in this study as well as the assembled contigs that were generated from the sequencing reads and the output from a number of bioinformatic analyses performed on the contigs. The contigs were used to search the non-redundant database at NCBI using BLASTX. The contigs were also used to conduct an HMM search of the Pfam database to identify conserved protein motifs. The proteins producing significant matches to P. damicornis contigs in the BLAST search were cross-referenced with biochemical pathways at KEGG and with gene ontology terms at amiGO. Users can search the Pocillopora contigs based on features of the protein they matched in the BLAST search or conserved Pfam protein domains they appear to encode. Users can also search either the contigs or the raw reads using BLAST, and all of the sequencing reads and contigs can be downloaded from the site. Steps taken to populate the database are represented by blue arrows. Actions available to the user are represented by red arrows.

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